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What is Table 20?
Table 20 is an online service that makes it easy for hospitality industry employers and job seekers to find each other.

Table 20 allows job seekers to post their resumes, view job ads and apply to as many jobs as they like. Employers can post their job ads, view profiles and invite qualified applicants to interview for jobs. Table 20 is innovating the restaurant industry hiring process through several unique features.
Why use the Table 20 service?
Table 20 will you save you time and give you better opportunities to find a great new job or new hire. Job Seekers no longer have to go door-to-door with a stack of resumes or send them into the email black hole. Employers no longer have to sort and filter through piles of resumes looking for a needle in a haystack. We've made it easier for both parties to find each other in one place Table 20.
How does the free trial work?
Job Seekers:
We'll get you going with a 2-week free trial of a premium membership so you can get used to how things work. Following that, you can pay-as-you-go 30 days at a time. We don't do those pesky auto-payment charges to your credit card. Instead we'll shoot you an email toward the end of your subscription so you can renew if you need to.

We'll set you up with a full access free trial to post 2 job ads. You'll soon see how easy it makes the hiring process. Then you can post jobs on a pay-as-you-go basis.
What is Smart Match?
Table 20 s "Smart Match" technology applies a percentage of compatibility/match of a job seeker profile to a specific ad - the higher the percentage the better. The feature eliminates the need for employers to spend precious time weeding through piles of resumes in hopes of finding a qualified candidate. Smart Match also allows for job seekers to find and apply to jobs most suited to their skills and preferences.
What is Resume Link?
Table 20 includes a feature called Resume Link,  which is an industry first. It allows job seekers to use their Table 20 online resume/profile to apply to jobs found on other job boards and websites, such as Craigslist. The job seeker will be given access to a unique web address containing an attractive and printable version of their resume. A great cover letter and their Resume Link  is all a job seeker needs to apply to jobs outside the Table 20 database. Sample Resume Link resume.
What is Resume Manage?
Table 20 provides tools that allow employers to manage the flow of resumes in response to a job ad. Employers can easily sort, filter and review resumes to choose the right candidates to invite for an interview.
How much does Table 20 cost?
Job Seekers:
Following your 2-week free trial you'll pay just $8.95 to extend your premium membership by 30 days at a time. We don't do those pesky auto-payment charges to your credit card. Instead, we'll shoot you an email toward the end of your subscription so that you can renew your premium membership only if you need to.

If you choose not to maintain your premium membership you will be downgraded to a free basic membership. A free basic membership allows you log in and view all job ads, however; employers cannot see your profile and you can't respond to ads unless you upgrade to a premium level.

Following your free trial of 3 job credits, you'll pay just $45 per job ad.

If you don't have a posted ad in the system you will be downgraded to a free basic membership. This will allow you to view job seeker profiles/resumes, however; you'll be unable to invite job seekers to interview unless you post a job ad.
I have more questions not covered here - what do I do?
You can contact us here.

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"I have used a few larger companies to recruit employees and Table 20 has by far met and excelled our expectations along with blowing the rest of the companies out of the water. :)"
Erin Corona, General Manager

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